May is Better Speech and Hearing Month!

Dede Redfearn

Celebrate May with us at Crescent City Hearing Center and get a hearing evaluation. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has designated May as Better Speech and Hearing Month, and this year’s theme is “Communication Across the Lifespan.”

From the day we are born and our mother whispers “you’re prefect” to adulthood when our significant other whispers “I love you,” sound enriches our lives. There’s beautiful music, the sounds of birds chirping, the wind through the trees and the crickets on a quiet night. The professional and caring staff at Crescent City Hearing Center is ready to help you hear life to the fullest! Take that first step and schedule a hearing evaluation with us today!

Americans and Hearing Loss

From newborns to adults, untreated hearing loss has an impact and it presents some tough and unnecessary challenges since hearing devices are such technological marvels that can improve your life.

Consider this – two out of three children in every 1,000 births, has some detectable level of hearing loss in one or both ears and, nearly 15% of children between ages 6 and 19 have hearing loss in one or both ears. Fifteen percent of the adult population or about 37.5 million people, age 18 and older, report that they have some hearing issues. Newborns routinely get their hearing screened, yet even those who have problems noted in their health histories often don’t get proper follow-up care.

Adults, also put off proper follow-up care when it comes to hearing loss. Just one in seven adults, or approximately 14% of adults over 50 get and use hearing devices – even if they know they should use them and would benefit from them. Many feel hearing loss is a natural part of aging, well, it is – but so is vision difficulties and people rarely skip getting glasses.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Children need to be able to hear, since listening to others is a vital part of their language and communication development. Starting life under the shadow of untreated hearing loss means a future full of personal, academic, career and social obstacles. It also has an impact on quality of life and health, which are all issues when they reach adulthood.

Signs of hearing issues in children include: lack of attention to noise, lack of response when you call them, can’t follow simple verbal commands, delays in speech and language development, pulling or scratching at their ears, chronic academic difficulties especially in reading and math and problems interacting at school.

Signs of hearing loss if you are an adult include: speech seems muffled, ringing or buzzing in your ears, “hearing” something but not being able to process and understand it and difficulty following a conversation with a lot of background noise.

Hearing loss in adults is one of the most chronic health conditions. Untreated hearing loss in adults has been associated with dementia, diabetes, hypertension, sleep disorders, depression, more falls, social isolation and after the age of 70, a higher mortality rate.

Tests and Treatment are Worth It

A comprehensive survey from the National Council on Aging showed that adults who used hearing aids reported significant improvements in many areas of their lives including relationships at home, mental health, sense of safety, social life and quality of life overall.
The first step towards better hearing health is getting a hearing evaluation here at Crescent City Hearing Center. It’s private, comprehensive, painless and we will be able to pinpoint your hearing challenges and expectations.

We can show you the new hearing aids that are discreet, modern and use technology to improve your hearing and life! They will let you stream sound directly from your phone, your iPad, your computer and your television. They adjust on your phone with an app or on a small remote.

They can filter out background noise and you can enjoy a conversation at a restaurant and not be embarrassed you don’t understand the server! They are GPS equipped so if you adjust them at a certain location, they will “remember” the adjustment when you return to that area.

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