Age-Related Hearing Loss is Often Untreated

Age-Related Hearing Loss is Often Untreated

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As we age, we usually experience a lot of changes in our bodies and how some parts function. One of the major problems associated with this is the hearing problem. It’s a very regular problem in the human body and especially to the senior citizens. The loss has been able to affect 20 % of the population of the United States citizens. Research indicates that every two persons above 65 years old, one is suffering from a certain degree of hearing loss.

The hearing loss that is related to age is called presbycusis. This disease is not life-threatening but can leave some impacts to the body if left untreated. One is therefore required to see a physician who has expertise in the industry. Specialists are all over but it is always good to consult before contacting them.

Major causes of hearing loss that is associated with age

Age-related hearing loss does not come instantly. It is something that develops gradually. The inner ear is the one that can cause this condition. They include;

  1. Changed structures in the inner ear.
  2. Blood flow in the inner ear not consistent.
  3. Nerves impairment
  4. Change in the way that the brain has been able to process speech and sound
  5. Damages to the hairs in the ear that usually transmits sound to the human brain.

Some issues might cause various age-related hearing loss;

  1. Diabetes
  2. Exposure to loud noise
  3. Poor circulation
  4. Hereditary problems
  5. Smoking
  6. Use of various medications

Age-Related Hearing Problems Symptoms

Every disease must have symptoms that usually guide physicians when doing their business. Age-related hearing loss starts with high pitched sounds whereby you encounter problems hearing them. These are voices from children and females. Other difficulties are hearing of the background noises or a problem when hearing others speak.

There are other symptoms which include;

  1. Difficulties in hearing in noisy areas
  2. Some sounds seeming extremely loud
  3. Inability to hear the difference between “th” and “s”
  4. Ears ringing
  5. Feeling comfortable when the TV and radio volumes are more than normal
  6. Inability to hearing people speak and thus requesting them to repeat themselves
  7. Inability to understand mobile phone conversations

It is always prudent for you to notify your doctor when you encounter any of these symptoms. Doctors are important because they could also be signs related to other conditions.

Age-related hearing loss diagnosis

If you have any of these age-related symptoms, it is important to visit us at Crescent City Hearing. We will be able to do a full exam and thus will be able to rule out the other cause related top of your problem. The otoscope is the machine used to look inside your ear. Then, we’ll perform comprehensive hearing tests to determine how much it has occurred.

Treatment of age-related hearing loss

According to many reports from specialists, there is no cure for any hearing loss related to age. It is recommended that people over the age of 50 have an annual hearing test. If a hearing loss is diagnosed, our team will work with you to improve your hearing ability. Treatment options include:

  1. Hearing aids
  2. Using assistive devices like telephone amplifiers
  3. Lip reading and sign language lessons when the loss is severe

There are some cases when a cochlear implant is recommended. This is usually a very small device that is implanted into your years by surgeons. They don’t restore the normal hearing but are better. It is used by people who have severe hearing problems.

Age-related problems are usually progressive and keep on getting worse over time. When you accidentally lose your hearing at that time, then you will permanently be unable to hear. Hearing aids are there to improve your quality of life. Our team offers specialized treatment for your hearing loss. Hearing loss treatment will reduce depression, social isolation and also anxiety.