About Us

Hearing Solutions that are Customized to Each Client’s Individual Needs

Crescent City Hearing Center provides hearing solutions that are more powerful, precise and user-friendly than ever before. Our staff expertise in this state-of-the-art line of hearing aids ensures that our clients are receiving superior comfort, unmatched technology and the best-in-class features.

At Crescent City Hearing Center, our specialists work closely to diagnose your hearing loss and provide you with best lifestyle solution. This unique process of better hearing begins with a comprehensive hearing evaluation. Testing your hearing allows us to determine the level of your hearing loss and your ability to understand speech. Following the hearing evaluation, we will meet with you and your family to discuss the solution that’s right for you.


Our Mission

To provide a full range of hearing health care products from hearing protection through an assortment of state of the art hearing devices. We work to establish meaningful partnerships with clients and to enhance our ability to best match each individual’s hearing loss, lifestyle and budget with the proper hearing device.

Client Philosophy

To educate clients about hearing loss and nurture a partnership that allows us to maximize improved hearing and overall general health of our clients.


Our on-going client care is outstanding. We try to never allow someone to leave the clinic without their next appointment scheduled. We like to see each client every 3 months for a quick visit and to clean the instruments.

Dede Redfearn


Dede and Charlie Redfearn entered the hearing health care business in 2013. Both are natives of New Orleans with a strong commitment to the city. Dede can be found in the office daily while Charlie provides IT services and office support. Dede has a background that has always involved helping people. She was a special education teacher for ten years. She then got involved in the social work profession where she ran a variety of programs for youth primarily involved in State custody due to abuse, neglect, and/or delinquency. Dede loves the hearing healthcare business because she gets to experience seeing the quality of lives improved when people are engaging more in life and enjoying it more completely!

Tony Goyette

Hearing Aid Specialist

Tony Goyette has been involved in the hearing aid industry for over twenty-five years. He now considers his hearing impairment a gift because it led him to this profession. He is able to use his daily experiences in addition to his professional knowledge to help educate and guide clients toward improved hearing. Tony is dedicated to thorough testing and expert fitting to maximize the benefit of hearing devices for each individual client. Tony is married and has two precious daughters.

Margie Schwegmann-Brown

Community Outreach Coordinator

Margie Schwegmann-Brown is a native of New Orleans, and the proud mother of a son who is a senior at LSU. Her father was a customer focused retailer and instilled in her the importance of meeting, interacting, and helping others. These talents have been put to use when working with developer, Joe Canizaro, as well as in her own clothing business, and now in her outreach efforts for Crescent City Hearing. Margie can be found out in the community providing hearing screenings throughout the month.

Leslie LeCorgne Mills

Client Care Coordinator

Leslie LeCorgne Mills is a native of New Orleans.  She is married and has three grown children of whom she is very proud!  Leslie graduated from LSU in advertising and has worked writing advertising copy for TV and radio commercials as well as creating print ads.  She has also worked in children’s clothing manufacturing, monogramming and sells her own fresh pepper jelly.  Leslie specializes in customer service and client care.  Please feel free to give Leslie a call to schedule an appointment.